ST6000-GPS/Glonass Signal Transponder

High Gain Programmer GPS power Amplifier
SA30-GPS Programmable Low-Noise Amplifier
January 7, 2019
ST6100-Singal Transponder-ALI
ST6100-GPS/Glonass Signal Transponder
January 7, 2019
ST6000-signal Transponder-ALI ST6000-signal Transponder-ALI


The GPS/GLONASS signal transponder can lock the sky satellite signal through the receiving antenna and provide an adjustable test signal. In a communications satellite, a satellite transponder receives signals over a range of uplink frequencies, usually from a satellite ground station. The transponder amplifies them and re-transmits them on a different set of downlink frequencies to receivers on Earth, often without changing the content of the received signal or signals.

The GPS/GLONASS signal repeater has good expansion performance and can be adjusted according to customer requirements, such as signal coverage area and signal strength, to meet customer needs.

Signal Transponder Repeater can accept outdoor satellite signal, forwarding through amplification, filter, transponder the received satellite signals (GPS/GLONASS) effectively into indoor, and through indoor GPS power dividers, cable assemblies and antennas setting up a perfect network, thus solving the problem of large area indoor not signal coverage. The (GPS/GLONASS)signal repeater is always used in below area:

GPS Transponder application: GPS receiver product testing: GPS product production line, GPS mobile phone production line, GPS laboratory, research institutes, etc. need to test GPS products, product performance verification, and other application environments

GPS signal indoor coverage: Need to achieve indoor coverage of GPS signals on various occasions: aviation manufacturing, aviation maintenance, laboratories, building parking lots, GPS stores, indoor demonstration halls, etc.

Name GPS/Glonass Signal Repeater/Transponder
Model No ST6000
Optional Frequency(MHz) GPS(L1:1575±12,  L2:1227±12)
Gain(dB)  50±2
Noise Figure(dB) <5.0
Impedance(Ω) 50
Standing-wave Ratio (VSWR) <2.0
Signal Output 2 Ch
Connector Type SMA-K
Voltage(V) DC12V
Operating Temperature(℃)  -30~+85
Dimensions(mm) 204(L)x145(W)x70(H)
Accessory 1 x Adapter; 1 x Active Antenna
1 x Transmittion Antenna; 1 x 3DFB RF Cable :30M,N(M) to SMA (M) ; 2 x 3DFB RF Cable :5M,SMA (M) to SMA (M)

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