PSA240305-300-500MHz 24 Way Active Power Divider Splitter

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January 8, 2019
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24 Way Power Divider splitter 24 Way Power Divider splitter


PSA240305 active power divider/combiner with an average power rating of 30 watts and frequency of 300-500MHz. Osprey power dividers (also known as RF power tappers or coaxial splitters) are available with 50 Ohm impedance. 50 Ohm power dividers / coaxial splitters from Osprey can be purchased in 2 Way, 3 Way, 4 Way, 6 Way, 8 Way, 12 Way, 16 ways or even 24-way port designs. More ways shall be available against the customer's request. Many of our RF power divider/splitter products are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Osprey's 50 Ohm power dividers can be ordered with 2.92mm, BNC, N or SMA connector types, RF power tappers with 7/16 and Type N connectors. Ratings for the Osprey RF microwave power dividers range from 5 Watt to 30 Watts depending on style. Frequency ratings for our RF dividers range from 10MHz to 8 GHz.

RF power splitters/dividers and combiners are used to split a single RF line into more than one line and divide the power, and similarly, combiners are used to combine more than one feed line into a single one. The PSA240305 is a 24 way active Power Divider(also known as coaxial power splitter) with SMA Type connectors. It is rated for a minimum rated to 30W. Our Power Dividers are designed without solder joints and a unique construction allows for exceptional performance within the 300-500MHz frequency range. This 24 way active Power Splitter/Divider has a maximum gain of 0±1. The maximum input VSWR of this splitter/divider is ≤2.0 and the minimum isolation is ≥ 20. This 24 way SMA type female coaxial RF power divider splitter can be bought and shipped worldwide.

  • Indoor Use
  • Base Station
  • Distributed Antenna Systems(DAS)
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • SMA, N-Type, F-Type, BNC, 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectors
  • 50-ohm nominal impedance standard.
  • Operating temperature from -30°C~+70°C
Name 300-500MHz 24 Way Active Power Divider
Model No PSA240305
Optional Frequency(MHz) 300-500
Gain ( dB) 0±1
Isolation (dB) ≥ 20
Standing-wave Ratio (VSWR) ≤2.0
Impedance(Ω) 50
Max Input Power ( dBm) 20
Noise Figure(dB) ≤4.0
Working Voltage 12V DC;
Working Current ( mA) ≤5000mA, 0-100 Voltage
Connector Type SMA-K
Power ( W) 30
Operating Temperature(℃)  -40~+80
StorageTemperature(℃)  -55~+85
Unit Weight

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