MS233107 Manual RF Shield Enclosure

Benchtop Pneumatic Signal Blocking case.
AS281713 Pneumatic RF Shield Box
December 20, 2018
Medical testing Pneumatic Shielding Box
AS373722 Pneumatic RF Shield Enclosure
December 20, 2018
Economic Small Manual RF Shield Box Economic Small Manual RF Shield Box
Economic Small Manual RF Shield Box Economic Small Manual RF Shield Box
Economic Small Manual RF Shield Box Economic Small Manual RF Shield Box


Shielding enclosure or shielding equipment by metal shielding electromagnetic wave has an excellent electromagnetic wave shielding properties. Can prevent inside the box electromagnetic leaking out and external electromagnetic waves into the box. Previous RF test process carried out in a sealed shielding chamber. The Shielding chamber requires a large space and the price is higher, is not conducive to mass production of the production units, so the shielding box is a good replacement.

MS233107 provides RF isolation and signal connections necessary for mobile testing. With the RF coupling accessories and filtered control ports, this small rf isolation cabinet makes an ideal solution for testing mobiles, Bluetooth, DAB/DMB, RFID, Zigbee and small RF devices on the test benches of manufacturing, R&D, service, and QC. This portable manual cabinet makes it simple to load and unload the device under test with its top load access door.

The shielded chamber or faraday cage included a wide range of integrated, supply and communication interfaces. Our shielding boxes with other dimensions and interfaces can be designed against the customer's individual requirements. Furthermore, RF-absorber mats, ferrite absorbers, infrared windows, ventilation (fans), lockings (for the padlock), etc will be integrated into our RF shielded boxes on request. Whatever you need it, we can build it. This shielding chamber offers below features:

  • High RF Manual Shielding
  • Easy Opening/Closing of the lid
  • RF absorbent foam liner
  • Easily customizable to meet various test needs
  • Gas-filled cover struts
Product Name Double-Decker Automatic Signal Shielding Enclosure
Model ASD393940
Material Metal sheet
Thickness: 10+2mm
Frequency 0.8GHz-6GHz
Isolation: 0.8GHz-6GHz≥70db
Interior Size: Upper: (L)390x(W)390x(H)240mm
Lower: (L)390x(W)300x(H)160mm
Box Size:  (L)460x(W)460x(H)500mm
Exterior Size: (L)640x(W)580x(H)525mm
Standard Interface SMA*4;DC*1;USB*2;RS-232*1;RJ45*1 or as client request
Color Beige
Net Weight 39kg
Package Wooden Package for this rf shielded enclosure or faraday cage

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