AT1203-120 dB Programmable Attenuator

rf microwave antenna coupler (1)
RC-3018 800 MHz~6GHz RF Coupler
January 10, 2019
SMA type 2W Coaxial Attenuator
AT6002-SMA type 2W Coaxial Attenuator
January 10, 2019
120 dB Programmable Attenuator 120 dB Programmable Attenuator


AT1203 is a 120dB Programmable Attenuator rated 2 Watt with LCD indication and operates at DC 3.0 GHz. Our RF attenuators are manufactured to precise industry specifications and the bodies are constructed of an aluminum finned heatsink, stainless steel or nickel plated brass.

Osprey RF coaxial attenuators include continuously variable attenuators, DC bias attenuators, fixed attenuators, and step attenuators and programmable attenuators models. These RF attenuators are available in 50 Ohm impedance. Our series of coaxial attenuators are available in 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 7/16 DIN, 7mm, BNC, F, N, SMA and TNC connectors. RF dB attenuation values for these Osprey attenuators range from 0 dB to 120 dB. The frequency range of our RF attenuators is from DC to 12 GHz. This product line includes low to high power attenuators which have power handling that ranges from 0.5 Watts to 300 Watts. All our products are Rohs compliant.

AT1203 is a 120dB Programmable Attenuator rated 2 Watt with LCD indication and operates at DC 3.0 GHz. Our Signal Attenuators are designed with an aluminum finned heatsink, stainless steel or nickel plated brass for exceptional performance within DC 3.0GHz frequency range. This RF attenuator has a maximum power of 2W. The Insertion loss is ≤3.0@DC-1GHz;≤3.5@DC-2GHz;≤5.0@DC-3GHz. The maximum VSWR of this signal attenuator is ≤1.3@DC-1GHz;≤1.4@DC-2GHz;≤1.6@DC-3GHz, and the attenuator step is 1/dB. This AT1203 120dB Programmable Attenuator with LCD indication could be controlled by keyboard or RS232 by software and shall be bought and shipped worldwide.

  • DC 3.0 GHz Frequency Range
  • Insertion loss: ≤3.0@DC-1GHz;≤3.5@DC-2GHz;≤5.0@DC-3GHz
  • Average Power: 2 Watts(CW)
  • VSWR: ≤1.3@DC-1GHz;≤1.4@DC-2GHz;≤1.6@DC-3GHz
  • Attenuator Step: 1dB
  • Attenuator Range: 0-120dB
  • Impedance(Ω): 50
  • Control Way: Keyboard / RS232 ( software)
  • Application:Instrumentation/Prototyping and Characterization/Precision Measurements/Production Systems

Osprey carries a wide range of fixed attenuators with a broad selection of attenuation levels, frequency ranges, and power dissipation ranges. RF microwave attenuators(also known as RF pads) lower the amplitude of a signal(attenuate)a known amount and can be used in a wide variety of applications. These attenuator pads are used when a signal needs to be reduced to protect measurement equipment or other circuitry, to extend the range of power meters and amplifiers, and to impedance match circuits by reducing the VSWR seen by adjacent components. RF attenuators can prevent signal overload in amplifiers, receivers, and detectors, adjusting the signal level to a range that is optimal.

Name 120 dB Programmable Attenuator
Model No AT1203
Frequency  (GHz)  DC-3.0
Standing-wave Ratio (VSWR) ≤1.3@DC-1GHz
Insertion loss ( dB) ≤3.0@DC-1GHz
Attenuator Degree DC-1GHz:±0.3@≤10dB;±1.2@16/32dB
Attenuator Step ( dB) 1
Attenuator Range ( dB) 0-120
Indication LCD
Control Way Keyboard / RS232 ( software)
Average Powr (W) 2
Impedance(Ω) 50
Connector Type SMA-F
Working Voltage DC 12V (With 12V adapter)
Operating Temperature(℃)  -20~+70

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