AS272117 Pneumatic RF Shield Box

Manual RF Test Box W Honeycomb Vents
MS254028 Manual RF Shield Box
December 21, 2018
Cost-effective tabletop automatic RF shield box.
AS203912 Pneumatic RF Shield Box
December 20, 2018
portable test cell enclosures portable test cell enclosures
portable test cell enclosures portable test cell enclosures
portable test cell enclosures portable test cell enclosures


To avoid expensive measurements in EMC chambers, we have developed different pneumatic shielding boxes or manual RF Test Enclosures. It allows engineers to create an affordable automated end-to-end test environment with each UE shielded individually. It enables the user to perform wireless network tests in the development, production, and/or quality assurance environment.

Pneumatic RF Test Enclosures are self-contained, portable test cell enclosures designed for testing wireless devices in development, production, and/or quality assurance environment, from 800 MHz to 6 GHz.Other applications can include 802.11 A, B, G and N devices, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, 3G, IOT, and LTE. These small device test enclosures can help isolate devices under test from outside signal interference allowing users to make reliable and repeatable measurements in a noise free environment.

The shielded chamber or faraday cage included a wide range of integrated, supply and communication interfaces. Our shielding boxes with other dimensions and interfaces can be designed against the customer's individual requirements. Furthermore, RF-absorber mats, ferrite absorbers, infrared windows, ventilation (fans), lockings (for the padlock), etc will be integrated into our RF shielded boxes on request. Whatever you need it, we can build it. This shielding chamber offers below features:

  • Pneumatic shielding box
  • Pneumatic control of open-close and optional test fixture motions
  • Suitable for building automated production testing
  • Stainless Steel Pneumatic air cylinder
Product Name Pneumatic WIFI signal blocking chambers to enhance wireless factory production efficiency
Model AS272117
Material Casting aluminum
Thickness: 5+2mm
Frequency 0.8GHz-6GHz
Isolation: 0.8GHz-6GHz≥70 dB
Interior Size: (L)275x(W)215x(H)175mm
Box Size: (L)330x(W)275x(H)275mm
Exterior Size: (L)410x(W)375x(H)290mm
Applied for below DUT: 2.4GHz and 5 GHz wireless LAN products: signal block or isolating for the wireless modem, wireless router, wireless LAN card, wireless charger, wireless earphone, wireless headset, Pos machine, RFID, car remote control GPS products: cellular phones as W-CDMA of 3G, PDC and GSM; the mobile phone with GPS function, RC drone; Smart products: signal block or isolating for smart led, smartwatch, smart security, smart robot, smart lock, smart ring, smart bracelets), TV BOX(set-top box) Smart Measure products: water measure, electricity measure, temperature measurements, heat measure, etc) More ......
Control DB25 Remote Control
Function Signal blocking for wireless products
Interface According to client's request.
Color Beige
Net Weight 13Kg

Wooden Package

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